CMGC Institute

The CMGC Institute of America is an association of leaders in transportation design, engineering and construction who have gained broad, extensive knowledge of the CMGC project delivery method through its utilization on many horizontal transportation projects. Our members have achieved high performance results utilizing this innovative project delivery method, under budget and ahead of schedule. We now focus on making this knowledge and experience available to the skilled professionals in our field who seek to lead the industry into the next decade.

What is Construction Management General Contracting ?

Construction Management General Contractor, known in the transportation industry as CMGC, is an innovative, accelerated form of design and construction being used by many states and Canada to deliver technologically advanced projects ahead of schedule and under budget. For many projects the CMGC process gives an advantage in producing constructible designs through innovation, providing learning opportunities, promoting environmental stewardship, and increasing the benefit to the public.

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CMGC is an innovative project delivery method bringing accelerated construction schedules and enhanced designs to projects nationwide, and it is now promoted by the Federal Highway Administration's Every Day Counts program.